“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Yep – I knew that Einstein fellow had his wits about him, but that quote really started making sense after we started studying what it really means to be in flow. Being in a flow state makes it possible to access higher levels of consciousness. 

I realized that we have it all backwards as a society. Many of us (my previous self included) think that we should be solving problems from the left-side of our brain. The logic side. The side that knows how to think objectively. The side without any emotion. 

But funny enough, it was my logic side that said “how the heck can that be possible?” There would literally be no innovation if we all operated under the same set of fixed rules. What if the solution to a problem requires bending the rules? What if the solution requires making connections that don’t fit under your current set of rules? What if you can’t even see what the real problem is under your current rules? 

So then I wondered if maybe the solutions came from the right side of our brain. Is that the side of our brain that we’re actually accessing in a flow state? But that didn’t seem quite right either. Purely emotional decisions are prone to error. You might go in the right direction but miss a lot of other important information because you’re focused on a certain emotional aspect of the decision. And ideally, no one wants to go through countless rounds of trial and error to eventually get to the right solution. 

Luckily, I came across a book that put the puzzle pieces together for me – “Quantum Leader” by Danah Zohar. It turns out that quantum physics is what helps you access that different level of consciousness (go figure). And getting into flow helps you access the quantum. So what’s happening is that you’re actually tapping into both sides of your brain – not just one or the other. It helps you go up a layer and see the forest from the trees. You can solve problems faster and more accurately. And you’re better equipped to operate in an environment that’s constantly changing. 

So here are some philosophical questions I leave you with:

  • Why are we still so obsessed with logic and reasoning when innovation comes from a different part of the brain?
  • How does advocating for “what’s worked in the past” make sense in a changing environment?
  • Is there a way to change how we operate without changing the way we think entirely? 



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