The Hello Duetto Journey – Part V 

Part V of our journey picks up with Hello Duetto’s focus on tackling personal mental load – more specifically, the types of important tasks that require a lot of time & energy that you don’t have the brainpower to do after a long workday — like how to coordinate a move, find a reputable cleaning service, hire a good nanny or babysitter, put family travel plans together, find a good plumber, etc. 

Going with this direction made us feel like we were back on track again. Demand was there. Feedback was great. I actually loved my business again because it was all research and creative problem-solving. Yet at the same time, I still had this gnawing feeling that something still hadn’t fully clicked yet. And then bit by bit, the big picture started revealing itself. 

The first ah-ha was noticing just how much personal mental load spilled over into the workplace. We couldn’t view it in isolation. When people carry mental load at home, it affects their ability to work, and when people carry mental load at work, it impacts their personal life and the people that they love. On top of that, we also realized that many of the strategies we had put together for tackling personal mental load were applicable to all types of mental load. So why not just bundle it all together and deal with the concept more holistically? It felt like a no brainer. 

The second ah-ha was seeing the positive effects of decreasing mental load for our customers: they were able to get into flow more easily. Once our customers were able to minimize the noise (both at work and at home), they were able to think more clearly, make smarter decisions, and get faster results. And they also seemed more happier. 

I’ve always liked the cloud-sky analogy used by the Headspace meditation app. Basically it’s about seeing mental load as a bunch of clouds over a clear, blue sky. Once you’re able to clear the clouds, all you see is the clear, blue sky. And I think that clear, blue sky is the flow state – a place where you have mental clarity, inspiration & ideas are available on demand, and you feel real peace of mind. Blue skies is what we were really delivering to our clients. 

And then finally, the third ah-ha was seeing my own life with more mental clarity. I finally realized that I had built two careers (in accounting and law) and a company that didn’t leverage any of my core strengths: understanding how and why people learn, think, and behave the way that they do. It was time to dust off my cognitive psychology books from college and get back in the game. 

Back in Part III of our journey, I mentioned that I’d created a business that I somewhat despised, and that was because I’d designed business models that required a lot of hard work on my end. I had to get educated on new industries. I had to learn new skill sets that weren’t easy for me to pick up. It was all resistance, resistance, resistance. And then in Part IV, I mentioned that I only believed in hard work because of my dysfunctional relationship with money. Well once I fixed that relationship, my desire to work hard went out the window too. It was about hitting the easy button and harnessing my innate abilities going forward to get fast and effective results. 

So here we are. The puzzle finally came together. Hello Duetto helps leaders tackle mental load and get into flow so they can create their vision faster and more effectively, all without sacrificing their health or happiness. 

But the real lesson from all of this is much bigger. Had I seen the connection between mental clarity and getting effective results much sooner, I probably could’ve avoided most if not all of the drama over these past couple of years. It didn’t have to be this hard. I made it this hard. But that also means that it always has and will be in my control to change, and that’s incredibly empowering going forward.