The Hello Duetto Journey – Part IV

Part IV of our story is about the power of the mind. Around the time we started focusing on tackling mental load, I decided to also join a women’s entrepreneurship group that ended up being a catalyst for changing the way I think about business and leadership. 

Up until this point, there was no way that I would’ve joined a group like this. It was about exploring the mental blocks that prevent us from hitting our true potential as leaders. Not only was this concept a little too woo woo for me (I mean, I used to be a lawyer and was raised with the notion that emotions are useless and weak), but I also literally had no time for anything other than my business. No time for myself, my husband, my family, my friends, my hobbies. Nothing.

But my health scare had really shaken me, and I realized that maybe I needed to do something differently. I had been on the stress & anxiety train my entire life, and I was desperate to not end up in the hospital again. So I was open to pretty much anything at this point. 

Let’s fast forward to Week 3 of this entrepreneurship group. The topic is money. The exercise is to write a letter expressing our feelings towards money. It sounded ridiculous in theory, but after completing the exercise, it was incredibly eye-opening. 

You have to work hard for your money.

Money is scarce and you need to save as much as you can.

It’s shameful to want money.

Boom. It all came down like a ton of bricks. I realized how much my mindset towards money was impacting the success of my business and the decisions I made as a leader. Because I thought I had to work hard for my money, I wasn’t creating a business that would scale efficiently. Because I thought money was scarce, I was afraid to make big investment decisions that would pay off in the long run. Because I was ashamed to want money, I didn’t charge customers for the high value I was providing them. It was all related to my mindset. It was all within my control. It was in my power to change.

That was the first time I realized the true breadth and potential of the human mind. By shifting my mindset towards money, I started seeing a whole host of other revenue generating opportunities that had never come into my awareness. They were always there, but I just didn’t see them until I started thinking differently.