Why We Created This Show

To help leaders create their vision with mental clarity, make more effective decisions, and bring more positive change into the world… while also having ample time for the people and things that they love

Our Beliefs 

Change your habits. Change your life.

Culture change begins at the top.

Emotional intelligence is the real game changer when it comes to leadership potential.

Work smarter (not harder).

The Production House

Sapna Parmar, Founder & CEO

Creative Problem Solver. Recovering Attorney. CPA.

Sapna began her career in the corporate world. Her background in law, business, cognitive psychology, and statistics made that an obvious choice. But there was a side of Sapna that was laying dormant. She was a disrupter. And she found herself more passionate about creating new productivity hacks / improving workplace culture instead of doing her actual work. So she set out on a new path – one where she could combine her education, work experience, and passion. And with that, Hello Duetto was born.

Outside of work, Sapna can be found biking around Chicago, reading in the park, playing with her dog, or taking a nap.

Advisory Board

Harry Nathan Gottlieb
Harry is the founder of Jellyvision Lab, Inc. and Jackbox Games, Inc.

Sharon Jacks
Sharon is a Business Advisor with over 20 years experience in operations & technology deployment, spanning both startups & Fortune 500 organizations (AOL/Google). 

Steve McPhilliamy
Steve is a partner at Insight Product Development and the executive director of InsightAccelerator Labs.

Jonathan Gunn
Jonathan is the President and Co-Founder of BriteSeed, LLC.

Esther Barron
Esther is a Clinical Professor of Law at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and the Director of the Bluhm Legal Clinic Entrepreneurship Law Center. 

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